Anna Taylor


Knees folded upward

Do they judder with a murmur 

In the muscle or surrounding space

Walls tremble from beneath the ground, 

splitting joined 

surfaces and aligned lengths. 


The clatter over a bridge 

panels welded down 

stretch from end to end and 

end to end. Railings that 

form a horizon suspend vertically into the sky. 

Our passage upturned 

Our place suspended

Our outline to fall. 


Shifting ground beneath that holds our feet plainly. 

Poured silt 

and seep between the granules 

Wet sand lapsing 

Grains pushed forwards 

and not in straight lines but 

sideways unevenly 

follow a chaotic guide. 


Midpoint in playing 

The notes hang 

Each one caught, a finger 

to the right position with 

correct timings. 

To continue the thread, 

the sequence and maintain the pattern or flow, 

the order of landings and speed of hands forming rhythms and

landing with even pressure, centres

evenly upon a string. 


In speech, words formed 

that do not hold together as a pathway should, that leave 

with sunken emphasis and downward curve upon a dulling receiver 

and trundle to completion, all the distances rotating, eyes turned down. 

The words written can land upon the page unnoticed and with shapes around them. 

Like a vibrato to steer one closer to another and 

create a phrasing that resonates then with the player as receiver. 


We played lying down. 

With our lines inverted, 

forming corners. 


The bridge judders with weight passing and weightlessness rising my 

inside rushes to spill over beneath the contents of my hand. 


A jolt 

and is it a pulse

Substance passing thickly, 

expanding its environment as it passes through (play doh flow)

Your feet on the boards jolt the sofa and 

like a heartbeat fleck in the relative still , 

the even background stillness, dullness 

is this peak, cleft, rise, 

A pulse from any moving thing 


Or the tremble of the walls, the floor


Trees creaked on the path 


And is still. 

And is cloth stretched smooth



even in its tightness


Stretching canvas 

Take it off

Pools into the space of its frame and 

threads overlap, untrained

Unrestrained, un-gridded

Contorted body 


Not revealing substance

Stands within itself.