Backburner Journal

[Of something] on hold or temporarily suspended

Backburner Journal is an ongoing project by Anna Taylor. My work explores in between states and transitional space. Writing and photography, material play and social gatherings form part of an accumulative process, shared as events in print and online. 

In 2016 it began as an experimental platform for writing and photography in relation to place. A means to continue making work in an informal, open ended way when, with motherhood and work there seemed to be no time to commit to my practice. Doing a little regularly often meant with the children, and sharing in a social environment and through online letters offered markers in time. It also seemed more achievable to me than seeking whole days in a studio and to work in an ongoing way rather than towards a particular end.

A neighbour loaned the garage behind our house, and I invited people to join us for socials on this back street in the valley. We met around work in progress curated around a theme, with accompanying self-published booklets and materials inviting responsive interaction. This play has resulted in the creation of temporary objects in flour, kinetic sand and play dough which I have kept, although fragile, as to me they visualise the intangible in my work. I have gone on to play in the same way when writing as a way of entering or thinking. 

My family and our friends have all participated in different ways - my children with exploratory play, friends collaborating and my husband, Simon, providing food and home brewed drinks. Conversations in this shared, experimental environment have taken the work forward steadily. So far it has been like a longterm residency in the place where we live and with those people, and an acknowledgement of the shared experience and connections within the artistic process.

I am gradually assembling writing, imagery, residual objects and documentation as an accumulative archive, work which exists in various forms and locations and which I think of as the Journal.

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