Anna Taylor

I am an artist exploring extended writing and embodiment. Writing develops in dialogue with photography and more recently, with sound. Also a violinist, I am currently experimenting with performance - composition, improvisation and live reading.

Material play and its residual objects have become a part of my process, to detach and visualise suspension, transfer, force tension and gravity. Hearing as seeing, reaching, immersion and pre-seeing have emerged as a way of thinking about corporeal and inner experience, as well as the working relationship between image and text.

Backburner Journal is an accumulation of shared work in progress - writing, images and documentation created in response to and as a basis for themed socials. These act as markers in time in the development of ideas, and an opportunity to extend the work into a dialogue with others, including my children. These events have a material play element to them - a space for people to physically interact with the content through play, which leads often to the retention of residual objects and a continued incorporation of making and play into the writing process.

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