Anna Taylor

Channel winds closely
  At the base of stacked stones
Mounded shelter, a darkened room
 Immersed, before, and filled,
Cast within a tall expanse.

  Pushed beneath and lifted, against gravity.
In a stone basin,
A ball held down. 
Towards the air, it slips back up
Almost before the hands release

Earth laden, the weight of wrapped waters, 
The pull between.
Contained within and it inside you.
Would you move on the tide,
Towards the moon and the ground, and the air

I strain, deep ear reaching through white noise,
Sound box fizzing in the empty room.
To hear the sea, 
Clothed in distance, 
Felted resonance.

Towards weightlessness,
Words and reply crossed
As continual flow
Conveyed in and out
Listen through jumbled lines,
Reside in the spaces.

Celestial eclipse
Absence and continuity.
To turn away from the source and see,
Feel over the ground.
That you could fall into the valley space and be held up.