Anna Taylor

Raised and protected
A collection of instruments
Index the unknown

Silver measure,
Enclosure formed of breath 
Objects bearing witness.

Plot and chart a trajectory,
Acts of foreseeing.

A line unfurled,
Extends beyond the body,
A barrier and a guide, 
Form cut, passing ahead of time.

Thread leads, connecting,
The eye that follows

Dome rises deeply over,
Weighing down on limbs and towers,
The breathing and the static.

Murmur of the heavy air,
Dense in the lower land
 And pushed upwards from within.

Pressed against the blackened rock,
I reach towards the ground,
Picking small tokens, I fill my hat.

Objects belonging both here and as fiction
Transference into counter forms, 
Seeing as carrier displacing.

Upwards gesture plunged into folds beneath,
Itself showing or a thing revealed 
A fluid equivalence.

Each tells the other, 
A line recording.