Anna Taylor

Form stacked densely

Lines lead inwards, drawing the divisions,  

Contours to power itself, 

Movement through convulsing,

In the water sideways 

And writhes on a dry surface  

Uneven plane that opaque colour layers,

Milky, permeates a way through 

A solid object

compacted with memory

Interior reformed as facing.  

A forefinger pressed

would sink and half rise slowly 

Moisture rising above the nail.

Firmness remembering

The way it has turned and travelled,

Vital quickness, pointed flicks propelling

and blood soaked muscle in the cold water. 

New stillness now retains. 

Contours create expanding form 

but map how it might come apart.

To swallow would be to become the wet, 

muscular container for this equal matter. 

Depresses beneath the finger tip. 

Fibrous bonds diminishing, disconnecting.

Not returning 

The circular imprint 

Back evenly to the surface.