Anna Taylor

We wandered for days
Hands dragging on ridges
Staring into adits and crevices
Reversing matter and air.

A wire pulled through. 
Each piece shaped by the pat and turn of hands
A dap ball to take impressions.
Retaining memory of earth
Closer or further in different states

Guided into vessels
​Shapes spun from the centrifuge as matter spreads
Collapsed and re-folded into itself
Like the skin on emulsion exposed to the air.

Held water climbs, object losing density
Points dragged, scratching, granules dislodged. 
​Residue as filings, a mound on the other side
Knuckles and clay draw into the dust

Unfinished forms catching light
Shapes bearing shared time 
Like objects held at home. 
Temporarily suspended
Between matter and usefulness